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"Alexandra Meier used oodles of nuance to convey Dinah’s seething resentment – social and sexual.  She also made Dinah’s upbeat response to the movie an oasis of joy amid the squabbles; and her pulsating mezzo made a persuasive case for her dream that “[w]here love will teach us harmony and grace,/ Then love will lead us to a quiet place”. 

- Claire Seymore, Opera Today

12 August 2023

"For my money, Alexandra Meier’s Dinah gets the emotional sympathy, with her rich, dignified mezzo-soprano that in itself is a denial of Sam’s claim she talks too much."

- Barbara Lewis, London Grip

11 August 2023


© Caz Dyer, 2023


"Yet just as conflicted, in Alexandra Meier’s wonderful performance, is Sister Helen, as she is verbally lashed by the victims’ families for befriending what they regard, with some justification, as an evil monster.

Belying her slender frame, Meier has a mezzo voice of searing power. It’s the power of her performance that makes you realise that Terrence McNally’s libretto (based on Sister Helen Prejean’s autobiographical book) is as much about the near-impossibility of preaching Christian forgiveness in an “eye for an eye” community as it is about the specific inhumanity of the death penalty."

Richard Morrison, The Times

28 February 2023

"Past actions were immaterial to her spiritual love for the condemned man, as the outstanding young mezzo Alexandra Meier made abundantly clear in her stellar performance."

- Mark Valencia, Bachtrack

28 February 2023

© Guildhall School / David Monteith-Hodge, 2023

"Alexandra Meier, in the trouser role of Jean, his ward and protégé, and Louisa Stirland as Aurora bring a flood of youthful charm and vivacity as they sing of their love."

- Curtis Rogers, The Classical Source

9 November 2022

© Guildhall School / David Monteith-Hodge, 2023

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